Which Hydroponic Drip System Should You Choose?

Delivery by the hand of water and nutrients to a hydroponic garden is not possible for most of us, so an easy option is a drip irrigation system. A hydroponic drip system is very effective at discharging water directly onto the plant roots and loses very little of the nutrient solution to evaporation. Waterfalls directly on the roots of the plants and the plant leaves are safe from damage from fungal or insect growth.

There are two types of hydroponic drip and watering systems. The first is ‘recovery’ and the second is ‘non-recovery’ both of which are widely used in hydroponic gardening.

The recovery drip system uses a pump and timer to give a controlled flow of the water and nutrient solution that drips on the roots of the plants. The overflow of minerals gets deposited in the reservoir tank and is reused in subsequent supply sequences. The ‘no recovery’ hydroponic drip system is similar in process. The only difference is that the gathered solution is not used again.

Both hydroponic drip systems use a similar arrangement of holed PVC tubing, grow table, irrigation nozzles, and growing medium for holding the roots of the plants. Each works with a time control device and a water pump to deliver food to the plant roots via the tubes. The nutrient solution is trickled through the tubes’ nozzles onto the roots of the plants. Minerals drip through the grow medium and are collected into a tub underneath.

This is a complete hydroponics system that takes care of most requirements of the plant. The nutrient solution is simply reused. The drip regulator timer specifies when to release the solution, and lets loose the flow of oxygen to the roots of the plant. The hydroponic drip system is usually set up to release nutrient solution at intervals of five to ten minutes.

The hydroponic drip system is susceptible to the stoppage of the pump timer. In such adverse situations, the plants do not get water and nutrients, which may result in the sudden death of your plants if immediate notice is not taken and corrective measures are not implemented to save the plants.

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