The Benefits of General Hydroponics Subculture

The term hydroponics is derived from a Greek word which literally means water and labor. This method of growing plants uses a mineral nutrient solution as a medium of plant growth rather than the soil. It is best suited for terrestrial plants. hydroponic gardening is not a new technique of growing plants and their existence in the past has been well documented. This field has gained momentum in the last few years and is attracting a large number of commercial and hobby plant producers as it offers many benefits compared to regular and traditional methods of agriculture.

General Hydroponics SubCulture is a product that helps plants to become strong and healthy and makes their roots strong as well. It makes them resistant to environmental stresses. It is usually available in water-soluble pouches and each pouch can treat up to 50 gallons of nutrient solution.

SubCulture is a unique and revolutionary blend of microorganisms that help increase the plant yield. It increases the plant root mass along with nutrition absorption. This helps in making plants healthier and bigger. General Hydroponics SubCulture is a blend of actinomycetes, bacteria and Trichoderma fungi. They stabilize in the root zone of the plant and media forming a symbiotic relationship with the plant.

For plants to grow healthy and strong, the concentration of microorganisms has to be high. SubCulture offers a great concentration of these microorganisms which is 1.25 billion CFU per gram. General Hydroponics SubCulture helps in creating strong and robust plants with equally strong roots.

The unique blend of microbes includes bacillus, actinomycetes, streptomycetes, Trichoderma and pseudomonas fungi. Natural growth hormones are secreted by these organisms and plants receive the enhancers through the root zone. Colonized beneficial microbes supplant the microbiological root diseases. This is done because organisms that are beneficial out-compete the pathogenic organisms.

SubCulture is available at various stores online in various sizes. A one-ounce pack costs approximately $20 and a 6-ounce pack around $100. You can visit various sites and buy them at the most reasonable cost. A few of these sites also offer free shipping if the order is over a specific amount. Delivery is usually within 24 to 48 hours.

Using General Hydroponics SubCulture is proving to be a boon for all its users as it gives just the right blend of nutrients to make plants strong and healthy. It is being used by commercial hydroponic facilities as well to get the maximum yield.

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