Dandelion Wild Flowers: Pretty & Edible

Dandelion Flowers are a very common wildflower that can be found growing in just about any part of the world. Many gardeners hate them, but they’re wonderful for naturalizing drawing bees and eating too.

Dandelions grow from 2 to 8 inches tall, and flower from March through December. The flowerheads are 1 1/2 inches across in size and bright/deep yellow in color. These wildflowers grow just about anywhere, and they’re actually very hard to get rid of. Many landscapers and formal gardeners struggle to get rid of them almost year-round.

If you like growing wildflower gardens though, or naturalizing a few areas around your house, or drawing bees, or even if you have a patch of ground around your garden that never seems to let anything grow, you might want to consider Dandelions. You can even grow these in your herb and salad garden, because all parts of this plant – Flowers, leaves, and root – are edible. Dandelion root is commonly used in many herbal remedies as well.

Dandelion leaves taste best in the early spring before flowers start appearing. They go great in salads, sauteed with other greens and veggies such as in a stir fry, or steamed. They’re said to taste a bit like chicory and endive. Leaves can be eaten at any time of the year, but they become more bitter-tasting during the height of their season. Harvesting in late fall is a good time too, and if you get to them just after a frost the bitterness is almost completely unnoticeable.

Dandelion leaves are reported to be more nutritious than anything bought in a store. They’re higher in beta carotene than carrots; have higher amounts of calcium and iron content than spinach; and are rich in a host of other vitamins such as B-1, B-2, B-6, B-12, C, E, P, Potassium, and others.

In short: Dandelions are a free, health-packed vegetable you can find just about anywhere!

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