A Hydroponic System Lets You Grow Without a Garden

hydroponic gardening is a system of producing plants without soil, just water and nutrients. As land is being utilized more and more for homes, factories, and other infrastructure, the pressure is increasing to find alternative ways to produce food, cereal, vegetable, and fruit crops through alternate methods. Even people who would just like to enjoy some fresh vegetables but don’t have a backyard are interested in hydroponic gardening. The art and science of producing organic plants in a water solution of hydroponic nutrients are known as a hydroponics system. Nutrients assist in plant development as a substitute for the earth. Plants are raised in the nutrient solution using a medium such as a grate or a perlite.

There are six types of hydroponics systems in use. The most commonly used kinds of hydroponic system are (1) the wick system, (2) the ebb and flow system, (3) the drip system, (4) the water culture system, (5) the aeroponics system and (6) the NFT or the nutrient film technique.

The water culture system of hydroponics is suitable for small scale hydroponic gardening. The roots of the plants are simply immersed in the nutrient solution. Keep in mind that the water culture hydroponics system consumes huge quantities of water.

With your hydroponics system, you should be sure to keep a careful eye on the nutrients solution, regularly aerate the solution, and guard the solution against daylight. The free access of light to the hydroponic nutrient solution will disturb the hydroponics system with excessive growth of algae.

A wick hydroponics system is an inert approach where the nutrient solution is supplied from a tank using a wick. Coconut fiber is the cheapest medium for use in the wick system.

The ebb and flow hydroponics system works by overflowing the medium with nutrient solution and then draining it out into the tank again. You will need a pump with a timer.

The drip system is another simple hydroponics system. Similar to ebb and flow, a pump and a timer are required. The nutrient solution is trickled onto the plant roots and the overflow is reused.

Aeroponics is the most recent hydroponics system. It involves spraying the solution on the roots for some time as the roots swing in the air. The nutrient film technique pushes the nutrient solution to flow over the plant roots; excess solution goes back to the tank and is reused.

You can start up a hydroponics system as a hobby or as a green business venture, depends on the scale and your investment capacity.

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